"I believe there is a single truth that governs the lives of all humankind, and religions are the different beliefs and practices that various communities around the world have developed to abide by that truth. This diversity is a gift that adds richness and vivacity to the pursuit of the one truth, but unfortunately it is being used to create fear and divisiveness among us. MOSAIC is a small effort to present our youth with a more wholesome and inspiring alternative that we hope they will embrace."

~ Sarbmeet Kanwal, Program Coordinator

MOSAIC allowed me to respect other religions as well as understand their background and theology. It has allowed me to express my beliefs and myself in ways that I could never have done before. Because of MOSAIC, I have been able to ask the questions that help to better my understanding and to defend other faiths.”

~ Haider, 16


"MOSAIC has not only opened my daughter's mind, but my mind as well. Before MOSAIC, I thought I was very aware and tolerant of all groups of people. After attending MOSAIC sessions, I have learned not just to tolerate, but to celebrate all people for our differences, and our similarities."

~ Tricia, MOSAIC Mom

​"MOSAIC is an important program because I think it's important to get to know other people that just seem like "the others." Once you get to know these other people, ​the barriers break down and you learn that you can all get along."​

~ ​Lily, 17

My daughter and I heard about MOSAIC through our Hindu Faith leader. We were so impressed by the way all the kids of different faiths worked together on different projects. I personally learned so much about different faiths and the common principles of humanity that binds them together.

~ Medha, MOSAIC Mom