2022-2023 Flyer
2022-2023 Calendar

​​​​​​​​Tool Kit for Clergy and Youth Group Leaders

Are you hoping to recruit your youth to join MOSAIC?  Here are all the tools you'll need:

  1. MOSAIC flyers.  Print them out and hang them up in  your facility.  Email the document to your youth and to their parents to get them excited about the program.  Include details and a link to the flyer and application in your regular newsletter.
  2. 2022-2023 Schedule.  Program Schedule - Download the schedule for the year. 
  3. MOSAIC Promo Video - This brief 90-second video offers a quick glimpse into MOSAIC.
  4. MOSAIC Video - This ten-minute video offers a comprehensive peek into how MOSAIC works and the successes the program has had since inception.  
  5. Student Promise.  Share this information with your interested students so they can fully understand how MOSAIC works, and how they can benefit from participation.
  6. MOSAIC Planning Guide - This planning guide can help anyone wanting to start their own MOSAIC program.