There are many like-minded organizations who share a similar mission to Garden State MOSAIC.

Here are just a few.

Teens Against Intolerance

Teens Against Intolerance is a project that stemmed from Garden State MOSAIC. It was conceived and implemented as a joint community service project by a small group of teens who participated in MOSAIC's first program year. TAI members hope to erase religious stereotyping and intolerance through engaging, student-led assembly presentations and TAI Clubs at high schools everywhere. TAI is always looking for interested teens to join the organization, or start TAI Chapters at their schools. 

Center for Holocaust, Human Rights, and Genocide Education, change

The mission of the Center for Holocaust Studies at Brookdale Community College is to be a resource for: education about historical issues of the Holocaust and genocide; elimination of racism, antisemitism and all forms of prejudice that damage our society; and development of outstanding creative programs and activities regarding these crucial human issues.

Institute for Global Understanding, at Monmouth University

The mission of IGU is to promote awareness of issues and challenges of our dynamic, interdependent world. Through academic programs, field experiences, service learning, and engagement in local and global communities, IGU fulfills Monmouth University’s broad mission of promoting global understanding, diversity, and leadership.

Interfaith Youth Core

Eboo Patel founded Interfaith Youth Core on the idea that religion should be a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division. He is inspired to build this bridge by his identity as an American Muslim navigating a highly religiously diverse social landscape.  For over fifteen years he has worked with governments, social sector organizations, and college and university campuses to help make interfaith cooperation a social norm. Named by US News & World Report as one of America’s Best Leaders of 2009, Eboo served on President Obama’s Inaugural Faith Council and is the author of Acts of Faith, Sacred Ground and the new Interfaith Leadership: A Primer.

Peace Islands Institute

Interfaith dialogue is one of the major medicines to overcome humanity's common ills that arise from unbelief. Our world's durability depends, to a great extent, on the promotion of interfaith dialogue. PII educates non-Muslims about Islam and Muslims about other faiths to establish mutual understanding and tolerance.



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